Connecting Businesses with the Community


2018 was a year of growth for the Volusia Hispanic Chamber!


We continued to build partnerships, strong businesses and commitment to the community by serving as the leading Hispanic business advocate for the Volusia and nearby counties.   

Our Chamber Events were successfully delivered, and it provided great & productive ways to network and increase business opportunities for our members and the business community. We experienced an increase in attendance to several of our Signature events which are an indication of the growth of the Hispanic community in our area of service and a great opportunity for businesses, professionals and community leaders in Volusia County.

In 2019 VHCC will deliver monthly Buenos Dias Breakfast and ConeXion After Five networking events in both sides of the county (East and West).  As the only county wide chamber in the area, our objective with building teams in each side of the county is to effectively and efficiently service all of our current and future members. 

Also, in our efforts to continue to promote and encourage business growth, we intentionally coordinate events to acknowledge and recognize the leaders and businesses that make a difference in our community. As part of these type of events, we will continue to deliver the iLatina and the Columbus Caravel Awards and for the 1st time we are doing an annual Healthcare Award, as this is the fastest growing industry in our area.

We look forward to the opportunity to service and help you in achieving your business and personal success! 


Inez Nazario-Vega


Thank You to Our Business Partners

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