Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon was born in Caracas, Venezuela where she graduated and obtained her Marketing degree, with a major in Commerce. She entered the job force at age 17 where she began her career in the banking industry. She began her management career at the early age of 20, and by 22 she made her move to The United States with her husband Juan and eldest child Carlos. Living in the greater Miami Area, she worked for a Freight Forward company which gave her a chance to work directly with U.S. Customs Enforcement. She then voiced her interest in real estate where she worked her way to a position as Manager of a mid level Title Company where she oversaw the daily activities of multiple employees, while embracing diversity in the work field. With time the company transferred her to the City of Deland, where she would continue her production as Manager. Lourdes decided to broaden her horizons and expanded her career in the non profit sector of the workforce. She began working for the community. She decided began as an instructor for Zumba. Teaching various fitness classes, and helping Volusia county be more active and healthy. This gave Ms. Leon the incentive to keep helping others on a wider spectrum. She now holds great joy in all that she has accomplished. She is proud of her work with the people of Volusia County, and is the recipient of many awards that represent the fruits of her labor. Lourdes Leon continues to reside in Deland, FL with her husband Juan, and her 2 sons; Gabriel and Sebastian. Her oldest son Carlos currently lives in California

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