Zoila Garbi

Zoila Garbi is a senior attorney in Venezuela with proven expertise and strategic legal advice to commercial customers and government agencies. Expertise in prolific communication and robust development programs to bring welfare to the communities especially on children and family issues. Her experience comes from Thirty-five years of law practice and her performing as Judge and General Attorney of Amazon State in Venezuela. Zoila Garbi participated in the Senior Community Service Employment Program in the United State, where she gained knowledge and experience as Office Assistant in DeLand Housing Authority, Job Counselor in The National Caucus and Center on Black Aging. Inc., and Executive Assistant in The Volusia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Currently, Zoila Garbi is a Paralegal student at Daytona State College. Also, Zoila Garbi has been volunteering in Guardian at Litem Program on behalf of the children neglected, abandoned and abused.

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