2019 Workforce Development

Professional Career Workshops

  • Pinpoint Career Searching and Planning, creating an effective Cover Letter & a Performance Resume/CV

  • Assessments by PeopleMap™ and Hollands  

  • Techniques in utilizing the PeopleMap™ Personality System to close the deal & obtain sustainable employment

What sets Auxilium Manus DEO apart? 

  •  Has several professional referral agencies and organizations

  •  Certified trainer for PeopleMap™ Personality Assessment



Career Warrior maps their career plan with our guidance


  •  Utilize PeopleMap™ in the Interviewing workshop 

  •  Highly-qualified/top credentials team 


Workshops are brought into the community through the Volusia Hispanic Chamber, Midtown Cultural & Education and the Dickerson Center, Holly Hill Clubhouse, Piggotte Community Center, Port Orange Adult Center, Deland & Daytona Goodwill Self-Sufficiency Centers, and FastTrack Staffing. Once assessments are completed, one will be scheduled for a workshop



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Click on the Referring Partners page and choose the organization to refer you, or

Email us at info@auxiliummanusdeo.org

Thank You to Our Business Partners

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